New in 2021:

During the pandemic, GHA was able to provide COVID 19 PPE to those in need in Tanzania. We were then also able to provide them with the medical equipment and supplies they so desperately needed. In total we were able to fund nearly $100,000 to help hospitals in Tanzania 

2020: GHA was able to fund the building of desks for a local school in a remote village in Dodoma, Zambia. We have plans to help them even further in 2022 with more educational needs. 

Message from Dr. Ken Peters who helped us access this particular school in Zambia: “Had a very emotional tour of Mukuni Village today. Visited the school who received the 50 desks we purchased with the support of Growing Hearts of Africa. There is a deep commitment to education and great need. The children were amazing and so excited. I was humbled seeing the families living in grass roof huts, without running water, electricity or the comforts we take for granted in the United States. Over the years I have met several great friends who live in the village and who I trust. I want to continue to work with them on focused projects for education. Please consider making a donating to Growing Hearts of Africa.”

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